Professional Driveway Cleaners VS DIY Cleaning Methods

By | January 21, 2019

Although there are no specific tactics needed for cleaning the driveway however sometimes greasy grime and clingy stains demand unnecessary effort for cleaning. Besides this, lack of time is the main reason due to which households cannot ensure regular cleaning of the driveway. Well, coming home after a tiring day and get welcomed with untidy and clingy driveway automatically spoils the mood especially of the people who value cleanliness in every matter. On the other side, there are people who love throwing outdoor parties and obviously they need the driveways cleaned all the time. Well, cleanliness is obviously mandatory but if you are unable to wash the driveway on regular basis or twice a week then hiring professional driveway cleaners in Guildford is not a bad idea.

DIY Methods

Time-Consuming Chores!

The cleaning chores always prove time-consuming. Driveways usually require more time for cleaning as compared to the indoor floor because the stains stick to the block-paving and become clingy. So, you may have to spend around 2 to 3 hours washing the driveway as it is not about removing the stains only but the driveway should be soaked with a soft dry fabric too. The whole process requires hours.

Extra Effort Needed!

You must be physically fit for removing the stains with a brush or power washing the whole driveway. If the driveway area is large enough then obviously you’ll have to put extra effort. Sometimes removing stains causes muscles pain too.

Professional Cleaners


When the driveway cleaning is done by professionals, your time will surely be saved. It means that you can focus on other matters with peace of mind. Your office routine won’t be affected and you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing Sunday too. The complete cleaning is usually handled by expert cleaners who wind up all the cleaning chores without creating any mess at your premises.


Money is saved when households outsource the cleaning tasks to professional cleaners because they do not have to buy stuff like power washing motor, brushes, chemicals, and pipes. The professionals bring their personal machinery and cleaning tools including even detergent power. So, you will not need to buy such stuff whereas the cost is saved if you rely on the services of a reliable brand because such companies offer a discount too.

Pristine Finish


The pristine finish of the driveway is maintained when it is cleaned with suitable chemicals. You may choose to use harsh chemicals or detergents that may fade the colour of block paving. The professional driveway cleaners do not make such mistakes and create a seamless appeal by using suitable chemicals. In short, professionals are good to hire for cleaning chores.