DIYs that should be avoided while cleaning Windows!

By | January 17, 2019

Going for DIYs is undoubtedly a fine approach but sometimes the households end up with doing disasters that actually waste the whole hard work. Window cleaning in Witham is not very difficult because the weather seems quite favourable here and so people can go for DIY cleaning methods but at the same time, some precautions are needed. Some households just start the cleaning directly without covering themselves and they do not clean the glass step by step which is also something that wastes their whole effort.

Do not Use a Wet Cloth at the First Step!

The use of wet cloth in the first step is not the right approach and is never recommended. Now you may ask why not to do so. Well, the dust on the glass transfers into a greasy form when households try to clean it directly with a wet cloth. So make sure to not do this mistake.

Low-Quality Cleaners should be avoided!

The thing that actually affects the quality and seamless shine of glass is the use of cleaners that contain harsh chemicals. For a while, imagine the glass like the skin of a body. So just like the skin can be damaged due to harsh chemicals, the glass can also be affected. There are many renowned brands available in the market that can surely prove effective for cleaning but the best is to use a mixture of lemon and water because it really works without leaving bad effects on the glass.

Don’t Use Newspaper!

Although it is an old method to soak water with the help of a newspaper when it comes about keeping the surface of glass perfectly seamless, the newspaper seems ineffective. The black ink used on newspaper may leave small black lines over the glass whereas it is also difficult to handle a completely wet newspaper as it may tear down into small pieces and so you’ll have to collect all those pieces from the glass. On the other side, such issues won’t be needed to face in case of using a soft cloth that can actually soak all the liquid without creating any line on the glass.

Don’t forget applying Protector!

Using protector is also vital but the households skip this step after completing the washing. Underestimating the use of protector can actually cause several issues as you will have to clean the window every now and then. But the protector is really good to apply because it resists the dust particles and scratches. The best window cleaning in Witham is surely possible by following the tips of this blog so make sure to avoid things that do not prove effective for window cleaning.